Authorised Lines

Authorised Lines

Our Authorized Lines

Power Based Connectors for Majorly DC Applications

Product Range: Power Pole connectors (PP15 to PP180), Power Pole Pack, Multipole: SBS, SB, SBX, SBO families Safe-D-Grid, Power Mod, Euro battery Connectors
Applications: Telecom, Automotive, Medical, Led Lighting, Solar, Wind Energy & Industrial Automation, etc.

Product- Relays.

Application- Home Appliances, Transportation, Industrial, New Energy & Metering Industry

Relays, Connectors, Circuit Protection, markers

Application: Control panel, UPS / Inverter, Lighting, IOT, Energy Management, Solar Applications etc.

Connectors & Terminals for All kind of Application

Product Range : Connecters for all kind of applications, terminals, crimping tools, cable assembles, distribution boxes
Application: Telecom, Automotive, Medical, Led Lighting, Solar & Wind Energy, Industrial Automation,Utility Management etc.

Product- Diodes, Transistors, Resistors, Mosfet, Voltage Regulator, Capacitors
Application- Power, Led light, communication, Medical, Automotive, metre etc

Products- Tantalum Capacitors, MLCC & Automotive MLCC, SMD, ELCO, Polymer Aluminum ELCO (Leaded & SMD), Multilayer chip inductors Beads
Application- Measurement, Power, Automotive, Invertor, Lighting, SMPS, Medical, Telecom

Isolated & Non-Isolated Power Supply Module

Product Range: AC-DC/DC-DC Convertor, IGBT Driver & SIC Mosfet driver Isolated & Non-Isolated Power Supply Module
Application: Railways Power solutions, Unique Power Solutions for Solar Power, Power solutions for 5G, Power solutions for IOT & amp; Home Appliance

Product Range: SGT mosfet, Trench MOSFET, Planer Mosfet, SJ Mosfest with SMD & Through Hole Package

Products- SMD Diode, Dip Diode, SMD Bridge rectifier, Schottky Diode, Tvs Diode, fast-high-superfast recovery Rectifier
Application- Invertor, Industrial power, Automotive, SMPS, Driver, Television, Led Driver, Adapter, Monitor Etc

Products- PWM controller, Standalone Linear lithium Battery charger, Constant voltage and constant currentcontroller ,2A Sink /source Bus Termination Regulator,4- channel Regulated charge Pump wide Led driver, 350 ma advance current Regulator.
Application- Television, setup-Box, Monitors, Chargers, Adapters, USB flash/HTD/ Card Reader/PC CAM,WLAN, Bluetooth & TWS, Interface

Humidity sensors, Humidity +Temperature Sensors, Particulate Matter.
Product Range: Humidity sensors,: Resistive & Capacitive humidity sensors Humidity+Temperature Sensors: Humichip series measures data with high precision & available in automotive as well as non-automotive grade.PM2.5 & PM1.0: Detectable particle size up to 0.3 um. Output type available is PWM &Uart
Application: IOT, Home Appliances, Automotive, Industrial

Industrial Segment LCD

Product Range: Character LCD: 16X2 COB, 20X4 COB, 40X2COB displays Graphic LCD: 128X64, 128X32, 128X128 displays TFT: Starts from 2.8 inch, 3.4 inch with touch & without touch
Application: Industrial (control Panel, UPS/Inverter etc)

Product Range: Aluminium Elec. Cap., Polymer Cap., MLCC & MPLC, Super Cap.
APPLICATIONS :··Lighting, QC& PD Charger, Automotive, Industrial